Welcome To Westwood Heights

A Family Friendly Swim Club

We offer swim lessons to the children and grandchildren of all members.  Lessons will run for three two week sessions.  All swim lessons are included with membership at no additional cost.


                  Please read the lesson levels below and choose the level you believe your

                      child should be in on the sign up form (sign ups are below swim levels)



Swim Lesson Levels


Level 1 Nemo - No swimming skills required. Goals: Water exploration and enjoyment. Pre-swimming skills.


Level 1+ Dory - Willingly puts face and head underwater. Goals: Independent underwater

swim for more than a foot, with an ability to float and move independently,

with floatation (kickboard, barbell).


Level 2 Marlin - Comfortable going underwater and able to swim forward with face underwater

about 3 feet. Face-in doggie paddlers belong here. Goals: Float independently

on back for 5 seconds and swim underwater for 3-5 feet.


Level 2+ Otters - Can move independently during underwater swims and swims on back short

distance. Goals: Begin rhythmic breathing in combination with swimming

skills, specific floating positions, treading water, elementary backstroke, back gliding


Level 3 Destiny - Excellent underwater swimmer. Uses rhythmic breathing. Can swim

underwater 5 yards and moves on back for 10 yards. Goals: Proper aquatic

alignment, rotary breathing front crawl for 15 yards, elementary backstroke,

diving and jumping to safety.


Level 4 Sharks - Can swim front crawl for 15 yards with rotary breathing, back crawl for

5 yards. Goals: Develop and maintain aquatic alignment, front and back crawl

25 yards, breaststroke and butterfly fundamentals, and elementary backstroke 25 yards



Lessons are 30 min. and run from 11 to 11:30 or 11:30 to 12


Session 1

June 18th - 29th



Session 2

July 2nd - 13th



Session 3

July 16th - 27th







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Click Here to Sign Up

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